Legal notice / General terms and conditions

Legal Notice

In compliance with the information obligation set forth in article 10 of Act 34/2002 (11 July 2002) on Information Society and E-Commerce Services, general information about the website is provided below:

Website Manager (hereinafter, MiReservaOnline): AREA25 INFORMATICA Y TELECOMUNICACIONES SCA (hereinafter AREA 25). Tax Code: F18534636.
Registered in the Provincial Unit of Andalusian Cooperative Societies of Granada, Register Book of Andalusian Cooperative Societies, Associated Work Section with the code GRRCA-1283.
Registered office: Calle El Purche 6, 2º A 18008 GRANADA, SPAIN.
Telephone: +34 958 085 751. Website: Email: info at area25 dot es.

Using the Website

The MiReservaOnline Website is a technological platform allowing different companies to manage and promote their services, based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Different companies offer their services through the Website and users can obtain information on those services and request them. AREA 25 may stop providing this service without having to notify the users and without it being legally obliged in any way.


Anyone who accesses and/or uses this Website is considered a user from the time of such access and/or use, and is obliged to accept the general terms and conditions described in this section.

Description of the services

MiReservaOnline offers a virtual space to companies, allowing them to promote their services and also allowing users to request them through this platform.

Users may consult the availability of each service, selecting the day and group in which they are interested. Once selected and after availability is confirmed, the price of the service will be indicated, included taxes.

To request any of the services offered by the companies, users must be registered. New users should complete the form and enter all the data requested. All boxes marked with an asterisk must be completed. Users are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information given. Once registered, they will receive an e-mail at the address they have indicated, with their access code. If the user is already registered, that user must enter his/her e-mail address and code. If the user is already registered but has forgotten his/her code, they may request a new one, indicating their e-mail address.

If the user making the request is not the person who will use the service and is making the request on behalf of another person or group, the user must indicate the contact details of one of the persons who will use the service.

To confirm the request, it is sometimes necessary to pay for it. In this case, users may pay with a Credit Card, through PayPal or by transfer to account.

Users will be offered to pay with the most suitable payment methods according to the service book, amount to pay, their payments records, the advance of the request, etc.

Once the request is confirmed, you will receive the service confirmation document by e-mail, indicating the service contracted, the chosen group, date, number of persons and indications about the service.

Users may contact the company providing the service through the messages system included in MiReservaOnline.


The "Details" section of each service describes the cancellation policy for that service. Each service-provider applies its own cancellations policy, and users are advised to consult them every time they make a service request.

Right of withdrawal

The services contracted through MiReservaOnline are exempt from the right of withdrawal, as stipulated in Article 103.l of the "Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, de 16 de noviembre, por el que se aprueba el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias".

Third-party Links

In the case of links to third-party websites, users will be governed by the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the new website. AREA 25 declines responsibility and has no legal obligation with respect to using those websites.

Exclusion of guarantees and liability

AREA 25 cannot guarantee 100% availability for MiReservaOnline, since diverse technical problems could arise which could interrupt the service. In this respect, AREA25 will not be held liable for the consequences of a potential lack of availability or technical problems in the system.

AREA 25 will not be held liable for any damages and losses caused, including the following, by way of example and without limitation: lack of availability of the portal or the transmission of viruses or programmes with harmful or injurious contents, despite having taken all the necessary technological steps to prevent this.

Likewise, even though every attempt is made to keep the information updated, AREA 25 cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this Website, and it may be incomplete or contain errors.

AREA 25 only provides a virtual space for users and service-providers, enabling users to contract the services provided by those companies.

AREA 25 is not a provider of the products and services which are offered through MiReservaOnline and only intervenes by providing the platform through which operations can be carried out between users and service-providers.

The services managed and promoted by each company are the sole responsibility of that company. The "Details" section of each service identifies the company providing that service.

The companies announcing their services through MiReservaOnline declare that they are legally able to provide such services.

Authors’ Rights (Intellectual and Industrial Copyright)

All the texts and images in the AREA 25 Website are regulated by authors’ rights and may not be copied without the written permission of the lawful owners. Texts and images shown in a service's page are supplied by the company offering that service. That company will be liable for any authors’ rights lawsuit.


The information obtained by AREA 25 from the users of this Website is used to respond to their queries and/or to register them as users and/or process their requests. For more information about the processing of data in this Website, please consult our Privacy Policy.


The present general terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law. Both AREA 25 and the users agree to submit any disputes in relation thereto to the Courts designed by law.

European Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for commercial disputes, (EU) 524/2013: The European Commission has established an online dispute resolution platform. Consumers may submit their complaints using that platform:

Changes in the Legal Notice/ General Terms and Conditions

AREA 25 may change the "Legal Notice / general terms and conditions" sections at any time. Users should review the content thereof during each visit, since they may be changed without notice. Likewise, users declare that they understand and accept each of the clauses set forth in this document. Users are fully responsible for reviewing the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

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